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Becoming Consciously Creative | September 2021

Six weeks to intentionally create a more joyful, inspired life.

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Dawn Schmidt

Empowering and inspiring

One unexpected bonus of BCC was how much I learned about myself. Joe leads you on a journey of discovery in visual art, tools and mediums—some familiar and some tried and true. You will be surprised by what you learn from each week’s assignments. Many times over the six weeks I found myself thinking how I couldn't wait to do this exercise again, adding in my own creative viewpoint. I think we all felt this way. Joe is a natural in community building and we are all there to support each other. I want everyone to feel as empowered as I do! We are all creatives and with a little attention and nourishment, we can grow in confidence and learn how important it is to find joy and to play again! This is all about self-care and respect. You’ve got this! Go for it!

2 years ago
Julie Kundhi

Discover and nurture your creative self.

Becoming Consciously Creative helped me develop a more consistent and mindful practice of exploring creativity in my daily life. Joe is excellent guide and mentor who packs so many fundamental basics into simple sketchbook and out-in-the-world exercises that you don’t realize how much you are learning. This course has dramatically changed how I look at my art and the world around me.

2 years ago
Jocelyne Paul

Life altering!

The transformation that occurred in 6 weeks while participating in BCC was ‘quietly phenomenal’. Not only did I identify and overcome my creative blocks, I became more courageous as I experimented with different mediums. But the biggest transformation was the allowing of ‘unknown’ thoughts to percolate to the surface, and working through these while creating simple shapes and lines. This course really helped me work through and shape my future direction.

2 years ago
Amber Marsh

Say Hello to a Different You

I am not the same person I was six weeks ago. I don't want to be a creative, I AM a creative. There's a brand new space within myself for my inner child, now healthy and nourished and thriving. I plowed through internal and external barriers to find joy and inspiration and magic in my life. I changed the way that I look at time and the definition of creativity itself, and found myself not lacking in either.

2 years ago
Lydia Sambath

Awesome and wonderful!

Life transforming session to enjoy. It creates magic in your mind and you need to just enjoy going through the life changing process which is in this course.

2 years ago