Home Sweet Home

How to illustrate houses with pen + watercolour

In this 40-minute class, you will learn the skills + techniques, and the entire process to create a house portrait of your very own, whether it’s for a gift, for yourself, or maybe even a commission.

What You’ll Learn

  • Everything you need for illustration + painting
  • What to look for in a reference photo
  • How to use a window or lightbox to sketch out the structure 
  • Adding all the details in pencil 
  • When to commit to pen for the final illustration 
  • How to mix colours to match the photo 
  • How to layer the watercolour for depth + richness 
  • How to add architectural embellishments 
  • How to illustrate a variety of common building materials 
  • The importance of adding personal touches 
  • How to add subtle gardens + landscaping
  • How and where to use a grey marker to create shadows
  • How to add personalized lettering

Access to Home Sweet Home is immediate + unlimited!
Ask me questions + share your completed projects in the discussion area!

This is an EXCELLENT workshop Joanne! I’m trying to think of a pretty enough house to use this technique on, but I am REALLY looking forward to applying all your great techniques.  Thank you for making this illustration process feel “do-able” for a non technical doodler!

Hi Joanne! Can’t wait to make an illustration of my brand new house! Thank you for this workshop!

Some time ago I sketched a house that I wanted to watercolor but I've been procrastinating because I didn't feel confident enough to start the painting part.  After watching your workshop I'm ready to start.  This has helped me enormously!  Thank you so much! 

I would love to paint an old Victorian house my grandparents lived in, and this tutorial makes me think I can do better than I probably can! I also really appreciate the added detail of what to do and how to shade other types of house siding! Awesome tutorial Joanne! Thank you so much for teaching it! 

Oh, this is wonderful!  I was thinking about how I could paint my parents house for them!

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Canadian Residents (includes HST)

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I have heard time and time again—from my clients + students—how these house illustrations bring people to tears. They are such a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift, sure to be cherished for years to come.

Are you ready to learn how to easily create keepsake house portraits?